Sweet 15/16

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This beautiful introduction of a young girl into society is celebrated though out the world with each country having their own traditions. Some countries begun as early as 12 years old and some as 18 years old. And no matter the traditions, each family unite as one, to have a prestigious  fiesta in honor of their debutante. We can help by offering every service that will be needed to make this event a happy memorable one. Dj Arias Productions provides: event coordination, decorations, photography, make-up, hairstylist, videography, limousines, disc jockeys, and much more like choreography. Get a head start and call us at 646 402 8392 for a no charge consultation.


Beautiful cakes to enhance one of the most unforgettable night that a young lady would ever experience, their turning of age.  Cakes have a long tradition in going side by side a festive occasion.  Every culture have their  own way of preparing and decorating it. Some families prefer a traditional and formal cake, and some prefer to take it up a notch by adding fruit flavors or other flavorful delights. This great eatable presentation has also become something more than just a treat to the palate. And has risen to be part of the decoration and a piece of conversation during the festivity. It lends the decor of any event a closure of beauty and precise devotion to the celebrated.