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At Dj Arias Productions, our DJ’s have a collective 30yrs experience in the industry, entertaining guests and animating the crowd sensing their vibe & feeling the wave of energy – your guests will feel like the Dj is reading their minds, “playin’ their song”,  transporting the crowd to a state of pure pulsating rhythm setting the right mood and artfully weaving an ambience with tempo, mood lighting and digital Fx. Our musical knowledge is extensive – no track is too obscured. The dance floor will be transformed into a warm atmosphere compelling you to take the dance floor.

Our Master of Ceremony will keep the itinerary on track and the crowds engaged and informed with flair and charisma. Our MC’s will rock the night, entertaining guests with fun, excitement  & interactive dance, escalating your special event to another level with class and vitality. Rest assured your guests will feel special and will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

 Forget about winding down the night … have your celebration culminate into our signature Dj Arias  “Hora LOCA” or “Crazy hour” –charging the crowd into the wee early morning hours to finish your bash with a blast of cultural spice – complete with giveaway props to reflect your national pride or theme’s personalized fantasy genre!  Make a lasting impression of the night’s festivities, no one will forget the memories created and the good vibes will linger in the mind for stories to come! Your party will be legendary!

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